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The cards and notebook are here to encourage reflection, intimacy, and openness. The questions provided can give answers or thoughts that can lead us one step closer to mutual understanding.

Listen curiously,
then speak.

For starters, we need to learn how to listen. With the help of the conversation starter cards, we can begin to address the deep-rooted issues that impact mental wellbeing within Black communities.
Each card is centred around a theme – ancestry, family, joy, spirituality, introspection, power, belonging – and contains questions that encourage reflection around strengths and vulnerabilities, and broader social and economic issues.

Learn to Listen

Pick a card.
Share your thoughts.

Get your
words out.

Your mind is a garden that needs guarding. Think of the wellness journal as your personal thought tracker. Be intentional with your positive thoughts and interactions, and that growth will shine through in your relationships.

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The resources we provide at BALM are simply a starting point; they do not replace professional support. Here’s our DIRECTORY where you’ll find a list of dedicated services in Lewisham.